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Chessa Davis Bohemian Ensemble

Chessa Davis Bohemian Ensemble

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Chessa Davis started out as an actress in the 1970's whose fashion career began when she wore a peasant skirt that she had made to a party. A shop owner frim Beverly Hills loved it and ordered 6 that sold out immediately! A career was born! Her bohemian designs became incredibly popular with the rich and famous and her clients included Many Tyler Moore, Princess Grace, and Denah Shore. 


This lovely 2pc set deatures a button front long sleeve lace blouse that tucks into a diagonal patchwork skirt of velvet, lace, and a quilted cotton floral print along with a matching wrap around belt. BoHo lives forever!

Label: Chessa Davis

Decade: 1970's

Fabric: Lace, Cotton, Velvet

Size: B: 34", W: 36", L: 40"

Condition: Overall Excellent Condition (waist elastic needs changing)

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